About Us

Animal protection,

We move the world to secure creatures

We end the agony of creatures

Why? Since creatures have a privilege to live free from torment.

How? By handling cold-bloodedness and enduring around the world.

Today we’re taking a shot at ventures like this around the world – helping governments and groups to secure and administer to their creatures.

Did you know? 3,000 pooches used to be winnowed each year in Cali, Colombia because of a paranoid fear of rabies. We influenced the legislature to clean puppies. The quantity of strays fell by 25%. Pooch nibbles diminished. What’s more, when the undertaking finished, 10,000 individuals paid to disinfect their canines, as opposed to coming back to separating.

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We help the world perceive how essential creatures are to every one of us

Why? Since a huge number of individuals rely upon creatures.

How? By showing the imperative connection amongst individuals and creatures.

Today we’re battling for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare, and more than 2 million individuals, 330 creature gatherings and many governments have officially swore their help.

Did you know? In 2013 we effectively moved the United Nations to incorporate creature welfare in resolutions out of the blue – a triumph that will prompt strategy change around the world.

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We move individuals to improve creatures’ lives

Why? Since we as a whole have the ability to enhance creature welfare.

How? By moving groups and governments to stop creature enduring.

Today we’re concentrating on completion bear goading in Pakistan – only one case of our work to end pitilessness by helping individuals wherever to regard and ensure creatures.

Did you know? We’ve been moving the world to secure bears for over 20 years. In India, Turkey and Greece, we’ve finished bear moving – for good.

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We put creatures on the worldwide plan

Why? Since a manageable future for the planet must be accomplished if the two creatures and individuals are a piece of the arrangement.

How? By being a piece of the enormous worldwide level headed discussions on how we live inside the world’s assets now and later on.

Today we’re helping shape the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that all nations need to receive from 2016, to guarantee creature assurance isn’t overlooked.

Did you know? In 2013 we induced UN Member States to embrace creature assurance dialect in two General Assembly Resolutions (on farming and calamity chance diminishment). Out of the blue this spots creature welfare at the core of arrangement and basic leadership at the United Nations.

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We are World Animal Protection

We end the unnecessary enduring of creatures

We impact chiefs to put creatures on the worldwide plan

We help the world perceive how vital creatures are to every one of us

We move individuals to improve creatures’ lives

We move the world to secure creatures.